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Magma - 1975-11-21 - Delemont

Salle Saint Georges

01 Emehnteht-Re
02 Hhai
03 Kobaia
04 Theusz Haamtahk
05 MDK

Magma - 1975-11-14 - Berlin


01. Theusz Hamtaahk
02. MDK (fragment 1)
03. MDK (fragment 2)

Magma - 1975-11-08 - Hamburg


Audience recording by R. Claasen

01. Theusz Hamtaak
02. Hhai
03. MDK
04. Ptah

Another fine audience recording of the 1975 line-up. This is the raw source just as I got it.
This one has been made of a 1st gen cassette copy of the master, using the original recording device for playback while copying. As the master is reportedly lost, this seems to be the best available source. All circulating copies come from this 1st gen dub of the master. The performance is outstanding, Vander was in top form that night.

Magma - 1975-07-13 - Toulouse

Festival de Carcassonne
Grand Theatre

01. Kohntarkosz (part 1)
02. Kohntarkosz (part 2)
03. Kobaia
04. MDK (cut)

This one is for hardcore fans only...
Lots of speed changes during the first two tracks. Quality gets better during the secong half of the recording, but still tough to get into

Magma - 1975-06-28 - Marseille

Fte. de la Marseillaise

01. Kohntarkosz
02. Kobaia
06. MDK

Magma - 1975-06-19 - Bordeaux

Palais des Sports

01. Klaus Intro
02. Kohntarkosz
03. Om Zanka
04. Emeteht-Re
05. Ptah
06. Hhai
07. band introduction
08. MDK

Chrystal clear audience recording compared to the other 1975 shows floating around. Absolutely amazing performance. Features a rare Federow guitar solo on Kohntarkosz after Lockwood«s violin solo. Just 2 weeks after the recording of Hhai/Live, the band is in very good spirits. A Magma performance to be missed

Magma - 1975-06-03 - Paris

Taverne de l'Olympia

01. Kohntarkosz
02. Kobaia
03. Ementeht-Re
04. Ptah
05. Hhai
06. MDK
07. Kobaia (soundcheck)

First off, a note on the official release: none of these tracks have been released officially, they are all different takes than the ones issued as MAGMA-HHAI/LIVE album, which was also recorded at the Taverne de l«Olympia in June 1975. As Klaus Blasquiz has stated in an interview with ORK ALARM, Kobaia, Lihns and Hhai from the official album were recorded after the shows without an audience, as there had been too much noise from the audience during those quiet passages. The same must have been the case with Ementeht-Re. So the only tunes in question would have to be Kohntarkosz and MDK. (Ptah was not released officially). They both sound obviously different than the ones released.

The recording itself sounds really good to my ears, I would rate it vg-exc....if you fiddle around with it a little that is. Don«t let yourself be taken away by the very first impression that it seems muffled and too bassy. Adjust it a bit on your hifi, and i am sure you will be surprised, it sounds great, actually you really recognize the typical sound from Taverne, the atmosphere we all love so much from the official live album is present, even in this wonderful audience recording, which has, as far as i know, not been widely circulated until now.

The show is, as expected, great. There is even a bonus version of Kobaia, presumably recorded at the soundcheck, which is missing Lockwood on violin, and features Federow only sketching his lines in a way that it is obvious there is no audience in for this.

Magma - 1975-05-22 - Orleans


01. Hhai
02. MDK (fragment 1)
03. MDK (fragment 2)
04. Kohntarkosz

Good news: this is really a good show. Bad news: sounds not very good. Much hiss, some bass distortion on Hhai. Apart from that, mostly everything is audible.

Magma - 1975-05-17 - Grenoble

Palais des Sports

01 Intro (1:44)
02 Köhntarkösz (34:52)
03 Emëhntëht-Rê (announcement) (7:20)
04 Ptah (22:35)
05 Hhai (14:32)
06 Intro (1:29)
07 Mëkanïk Dëstruktïw Kömmandöh (43:33)

Christian Vander (dr, voc)
Klaus Blasquiz (voc)
Stella Vander (voc)
Gabriel Federow (g)
Didier Lockwood (v)
Jean-Pol Asseline (k)
Benoît Widemann (k)
Bernard Paganotti (b)

Magma - 1975-05-10 - Benynes


01. Kohntarkosz
02. Ementeth-Re / Ptah
03. Klaus announcement
04. Hhai
05. Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh

C & S Vander, K. Blasquiz, G. Federow,
B. Paganotti, B. Widemann, J-P Asseline, D. Lockwood

Magma - 1975-03-23 - London


01. Kohntarkosz
02. Lihns
03. Ementeht-Re
04. Ptah
05. MDK

This tape sounds pretty rough...It has dropouts (one channel dropout during Kohntarkosz), some clicks, lots of high range noise and at first you might think: Do I really want to listen to this?
BUT: it is a rare tape, featuring one of the first shows(the seventh to be exact)of the 1975 line-up with Didier Lockwood on violin and Bernard Paganotti on bass. The band plays wonderful and the setlist might be another reason to treasure this tape: a rare Lihns version with great vocal work from Christian, a stellar Ptah (sorry for one very loud(but very short) distortion noise during Ptah...) and a long Ementeht-Re, with a rare 5 min bridge into Ptah, unheard of in any other tapes I know of.

Magma - 1975-02-28 - Rennes


01. Om Zanka
02. Lihns
03. Ementeht Re

This one sounds a bit ãcanny" sometimes, but all instruments are audible, and the version of Om Zanka is fantastic! Too bad these are the only 3 fragments circulating of this show.

C & S Vander, Blasquiz, G. Federow, B. Paganotti,
B. Widemann, J-P Asseline & D. Lockwood

Magma - 1975-02-09 - Chalons Sur Marne

Parc des Expositions
Chalons Sur Marne

01. Kohntarkosz (part 1)
02. Kohntarkosz (part 2)
03. Om Zanka
04. band introduction
05. Lihns
06. Ementeth-Re
07. Ptah
08. Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (part 1)
09. Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (part 2)
10. Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (part 3)

Not the best sounding audience tape. During Kohntarkosz, when playing loud, there is quite some distortion from the bass guitar and vocals, quality seems to get better though during Om Zanka.
Nonetheless, this is a somewhat historical tape, as this was the first ever performance of the well known 1975 line-up, with Asseline, Paganotti, Wideman and Lockwood.

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Black Sabbath - 2014-07-04 - London

Black Sabbath
July 4, 2014
British Summer Time 2014
Hyde Park London, UK

01. War Pigs
02. Into the Void
03. Snowblind
04. Age of Reason
05. Black Sabbath
06. Behind the Wall of Sleep
07. N.I.B.
08. Fairies Wear Boots
09. Rat Salad (with Drum Solo)
10. Iron Man
11. God Is Dead?
12. Children of the Grave
13. Paranoid

Tony Iommi – lead guitar
Geezer Butler – bass guitar
Ozzy Osbourne – lead vocals
Tommy Clufetos – drums
Adam Wakeman - keyboards, rhythm guitar 

Eric Clapton - 2014-06-28 - Oswiecim

Eric Clapton
June 28, 2014
Life Festival 2014 Stadion MOSiR
Oswiecim, Poland

01. Somebody's Knocking
02. Key to the Highway
03. Pretending
04. Hoochie Coochie Man
05. Tell the Truth
06. Driftin' Blues
07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
08. Crazy Mama
09. Tears In Heaven
10. Layla
11. How Long
12. Gin House
13. Cross Road Blues
14. Little Queen of Spades
15. Cocaine
16. High Time We Went

Note: Set dedicated to the late Bobby Womack before first song

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Andy Fairweather Low - guitar, vocals
Dave Bronze - bass
Paul Carrack - keyboards, vocals
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Henry Spinetti - drums
Michelle John - backing vocals
Sharon White - backing vocals