Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cream - 1968-11-04 - Providence

Rhode Island Auditorium
Providence, RI

01. Spoonful
02. Toad

This is the final US concert of the farewell tour. All the East Coast gigs were sold out so the promoter stacked one extra show. The only problem was that there was a 11.00pm noise curfew. By the time Cream hit the stage they only had 30 minutes. It was an unsatisfactory but, ironically fitting, end to this exploitative tour. Some of the audience were further disappointed by the 3 of them having a cream pie fight to celebrate the end of the band.

Despite the finality of the performance they actually turn on a reasonable "Spoonful" and an energetic "Toad". During "Spoonful" Jack loses an amp, Eric comps and then starts playing with Ginger and Jack rejoins at reduced volume.


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